After the earthquake a few months ago and the total failure of government since the assassination of President Moïse all in 2021, the entire country is in crisis with little or no public services. Gangs rule the capital city Port au Prince. A reported 80% of supplies shipped by conventional means are hijacked and sold on the black market. The country is in chaos and the people suffer. Hospitals are completely out of medical supplies and doctors are working for free or patients go untreated.

After a major refit our ship S/V Zeepaard has now sailed to Miami from Yucatán, Mexico and added 2 tons to our donations cargo. Our next mission is medical supplies relief to Ile a Vache, Haiti. We are almost ready to sail the Norfolk, Virginia to pick up more cargo and fill the ship but need just $10,000 to complete preparations and fuel for the Atlantic voyage to Haiti. After the earthquake a few months ago and the total failure of government since the assassination of President Moïse, the entire country is in crisis with no public services. WE CAN HELP THE COMMUNITY WHO KNOW US WELL. The Ile a Vache hospital is the Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti and we have received their urgent call for supplies. The hospital has NOTHING and many are suffering without help.

We need $10,000 acquire and sail with these supplies PLEASE CLICK TO DONATE HERE ANY AMOUNT HELPS!

Medical supplies have been donated by members of the Yucatan Yacht Club, multiple hospitals in Progreso and Merida, ex-pats in the area and the Mexican Navy! See this article in the local “Diario de Yucatan”!

Organizations we are working with include:

  • we are accepting 42 recycled sails for subsistence fishermen.
  • Islander Evangelistic Ministries.
  • Flying High For Haiti.
  • Captain Joei.
  • Island Child Care Foundation.
  • Shake-A-Leg Miami Thank you for storing and transporting to S/V Zeepaard!
  • Tbird Wave Volunteers.
  • Heart of Hope Miami (Coeur D’espoir).
  • The Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti.
  • Just Mercy thank you Bill Montgomery for setting up Ile a Vache distribution of the cargo.
  • Edgar Oscar Ruiz for 10 large solar Panels.
  • The Persisters.
  • Astillero Pescados Mexicanos for donating shipyard time.
  • Gran Marina Yukalpeten for donating dockage.
  • Ruthy and Cale for supplying 70 bicycles for the island’s children.


  • Used cellphones in working condition
  • Computers in working conditioner
  • Large ship’s anchor between 130 to 200 kilos

IRG Representative M. Altema is in direct contact with Doctor Dimy at the Ile a Vache hospital and he has sent his list of desperately needed minimum medical supplies, this is a sample of his request: